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Staff Relocation
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Business Relocation
Posted: 09/20/12
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Business for sale

Whether you dream of running your own business or you are thinking of selling a business or franchise, we can help make it happen for you. Our rich range of resources for buying and selling businesses, with listings for everything from home-based businesses, to large established franchises and businesses for sale, gives you a good opportunity to find or sell your business anywhere in the UK.

Do you have a business for sale?

Business owners decide to sell their business for different reasons. You have a profitable and stable business, but maybe it’s now time for you to retire and have a more relaxed life style - or maybe you want to use your business expertise, take up more challenges and move on to a new venture. We have been helping business owners to sell their companies for a number of years. With us, you can reach your potential buyers in a way that is both simple and cost-effective.  
  • Our sales listings provide a shop window for you to advertise your business. Your ad will stay on the site for up to three months, so you can reach a large audience.
  • Selling a company on Premier Businesses for Sale is easy. Simply choose one of our low cost advertising options and follow the instructions. Our Star Ad feature will give you the chance to make your ad stand out even more and find your potential buyer even quicker.
  • We know that, for many business sellers, confidentiality is important. You probably want to keep your trade secrets away from the competition, or simply do not want to upset your customers by letting them know the business is for sale. With us, you are in total control of how much information you want to reveal when marketing your business for sale.
  • If you are not sure how to write your advert to attract and pre-qualify buyers, we can help present your business in the most effective way by giving you access to guidance and SEO tips.

Buying a business?

If you would like to run your own business but you don't want to take on the high financial risk involved in starting one from scratch, then buying an existing one can be the ideal option, as it will have a financial and operational history that can be evaluated.  
  • No matter the type of business, location or price range, Premier Businesses for Sale will help you tailor your search easily, giving you the best possible chance to find the business that suits your needs and aspirations.
  • We have businesses listed by private sellers and business brokers in all business sectors including retail, manufacturers, restaurants and pubs.
  • If you want to take the safest route, then you may like to view our franchise opportunities listings. Buying a franchise means that you may get financial support, step-by-step guidance and continuing professional assistance.
  • Buying a business is one of the most important things that you will ever do, so if you would like guidance on how to assess the business you like, visit our Buyers Resources section and make sure that you choose the right one.
No matter whether you are a business seller, a prospective buyer or a business broker, take a look around our website, and find and connect with buyers and sellers.