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Immense opportunities for success with Businesses for Sale in Oxford

Oxford – A place for innovation and growth

Home to world class universities, Oxfordshire is a source of leading edge technology, recognised for its successes in knowledge transfer into business. With an impressive network environment and a strong drive for growth, when you buy a business in Oxford you will have infinite opportunities to partner and develop your business. So, what exactly makes Oxford so appealing?

  • Oxfordshire is part of the Thames Valley, the fifth most important economic area in the European Union and the second most important economic area in the UK after London.
  • With its excellent educational infrastructure, you will be able to attract highly skilled employees from a large, highly motivated talent pool. For example, Oxfordshire’s growth rate in high tech employment it’s one of the highest in the UK.
  • Oxfordshire is a great place to live and work, with a diverse economy, including motor manufacturing, publishing, education, research and tourism.
  • The University of Oxford, the first University in the English-speaking world, is ranked first in the UK (Times, Top Universities 2011), with over 21,000 students and the highest research income of any UK University.
  • Oxford is one of the most visited cities in the UK by international visitors, generating £770 million income for local businesses.
  • Science Vale Entreprise Zone, located close to Oxford, London and with some of the world’s best science facilities and companies, is the ideal location for businesses, offering access to world class science facilities and a business rates discount worth up to £275,000 per business over a five year period. Transport infrastructure will continue to improve around the Science Vale over the next years, creating better access for businesses.

Location and connectivity

Situated in central southern England with London only one hour away by road and 80% of all major cities within two hours by road, Oxford’s location enables businesses to easily reach markets throughout the UK. Oxfordshire has excellent motorway and rail access to international airports and ferry ports, connecting businesses with international destinations worldwide.

Oxford Regional Airport is 50 minutes by car from the City Centre, and London Heathrow International Airport and Birmingham International Airport are both within 90 minutes of Oxford.

Oxford Facts (2011 Census)

  • Estimated population: 151,900
  • Density (persons per hectare):
  • Residents age groups:

aged 0-4: 9,200;
aged 5-14: 14,500
aged 15 – 19: 12,900
aged 20 – 39: 62,200
aged 40 – 64: 36,400
aged over 64: 16,700

  • Total employees: 71,300 (ONS 2012 Population Survey)
  • Job Seeker allowance claimants : 2,5% (November 2012)
  • Median weekly wage: £514
  • Major employment sectors: wholesale and retail, manufacturing and construction, publishing and IT.

Networking groups and business support in Oxford

Oxford presents an important number of organisations that can help and support the developing of your newly purchased business. Some of the major ones are:

Oxford Growth Accelerator helps start-up and established businesses achieve rapid and sustainable growth. They coach senior managers to develop their business, connect investors with great business opportunities and provide businesses with the finance they need.

Oxfordshire Business Enterprises offers free advice for people looking to start a business or in the early stages of running a business.

The Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership connects businesses with the public sector to drive growth and help generate jobs. Their free Invest in Oxfordshire service helps and advises companies who would like to relocate to Oxfordshire.

Oxfordshire Chamber of Commerce is the independent voice of businesses connecting them with media, local councils and many other organisations on the key issues they are facing.

Oxford City Council information services offer a wealth of helpful information and advice for businesses, including business rates and licensing.

Local news:

The Oxford Times


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