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Key points to consider when selecting a Nursery for Sale as an owner manager

“Nothing you do for children is ever wasted.”

― Garrison Keillor


Running a children’s nursery is a business of patience and love. It’s a challenging game but if you have the necessary drive and skills it can be very rewarding.

Nowadays there is hardly any chance of getting a place in a local authority day nursery, so increasing numbers of families see private day nurseries more and more as a necessity rather than a luxury. This means there are significant business opportunities in private nurseries. However, if you are thinking of buying a children’s day nursery you’ve got to ask yourself a few questions first.

Is running a children’s nursery suited to me?

It is well known that children’s care is delivered from the heart. While making sure the finances come in is fundamental, when running a nursery it is important to have a passion for helping children get the best possible care and education. Owning a children’s nursery is not for people who purely want to make profit, but for those who love children and want a business that can make a difference to the quality of childcare.

What should I consider when looking for a nursery for sale?

Once you’ve decided you are dedicated to putting your heart and mind into running a childcare business, you can start looking for a good nursery for sale. Knowing what to look for in the way of location, competition and premises can give you a better chance of starting a successful nursery.

You may have found your dream nursery in a lovely idyllic village, but you also need to check whether there is enough demand for the nursery in the area. Check out the competition (other day nurseries, playgroups, local authorities nurseries ,etc), get the list of all registered childcare providers from the local council and look at the latest census results. Make sure there are plenty of young families in the area and if there are, do both parents work? The good thing when buying an established business is that much of this information should already be available, such as occupancy trends and running costs.

As you may know, childcare is a very sensitive issue. When you come to buy a nursery, the premises and equipment must be organised in a way that meet children’s needs. Find out if the nursery for sale has been checked and approved by The Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED), and take some time to read the health and safety regulations, including requirements regarding indoor area per child, space for storing toys and equipment and premises accessibility. You should also check if the facilities, equipment and access to the building are suitable for children with disabilities.

Any tips for making it special?

Clearly, a big advantage of buying an established nursery is that you can focus your time and energy in building on what is already there and making it a bit special. Talk to the children’s parents to understand their needs and their concerns. The more peace of mind you give, the stronger the relationship with the parents will be. Get advice from the previous owner; they may have made mistakes that they learned from over the years and know a few tips on how to maintain healthy relationships and secure a loyal client base.

Also, two more things: go out of your way to create something unique and have fun with the children every day; this is where the inspiration comes from to create a great place for children to grow and learn.


Do you believe you have what it takes to run a nursery?

Is the location in an area of need?

What is the competition like?

Who is likely to buy your services?

Has the nursery for sale been checked and approved by OFSTED?

Think of ways to make it special.

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