Leicester – Excellent Opportunities with Businesses for Sale

Why buy a business in Leicester?

Buying a business has important implications for all aspects of your life, which is why choosing the right location is vital. Leicester presents many advantages, including great opportunities for businesses to connect through strategic location and cultural diversity. Leicester is:

  • One of England’s most central cities, with 95% of the country’s population accessible in four hours by road. This provides great opportunities for businesses to get access to a large skilled workforce.
  • One of the most culturally diverse cities in the UK, with trading links to China and India and great opportunities to further develop international trade links
  • Home to major brands, including Triumph, Next, Wal-Mart and 3M
  • Britain’s second most sustainable city in 2010 (according to the Forum for the Future’s annual Sustainable Cities Index)


  • East Midlands Airport is the second largest freight-handling airport in the UK, the World’s Leading Eco Friendly Airport and voted Best Regional Airport at the British Travel Awards in 2010.
  • The spectacular £350 million Highcross Leicester shopping mall (opened in 2008), home to 120 shops and 15 restaurants, has boosted the city in the UK’s rankings of best places to shop, presenting excellent opportunities for retail growth.
  • The recent announcement by the Government of the full electrification and improvement of the Midland Mainline will be a key driver of economic prosperity for the city, bringing the journey time to London to within one hour.
  • Leicester has excellent universities – De Montford University, Loughborough University and the University of Leicester – and a strong Further Education sector which facilitates knowledge transfer between universities and business. Moreover, the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships project helps businesses improve their productivity through better use of the knowledge, technology and skills.

Where is Leicester located in the UK?

Leicester is situated in the East Midlands of England, and is the county town of Leicestershire.

Leicester Factsheet

  • Estimated population: 329,839 (UK Census 2011)
  • Density (persons per km2): 3,814
  • Residents’ age groups

aged 0-15: 62,000

aged 16-74: 199,000

aged 75 and over: 19,000

  • Job Seeker allowance claimants : 12,155 (NOMIS 2012)
  • Median annual wage: £17,506 (2011 Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings)
  • Major employment sectors: human health and social work (17%), wholesale and retail (15%), manufacturing (especially engineering and food and drinks sub-sectors) (13%)

Source: BRES (5th January 2011)

Connectivity and accessibility

Leicester is strategically located at the heart of England and benefits from excellent access to the major UK motorway network.

East Midlands Airport is within 45 minutes of the city and connects over 4.2 million passengers with the world, having direct flights to more than 90 destinations in 29 countries.

Leicester is the principal city on the mainline rail network north out of London and is just four hours from Paris via Eurostar.

Leicester support groups can help you explore the business-for-sale marketplace

Leicester City Council has a wide range of support to help you expand your newly purchased business, including business planning, market research or how to fund growth plans.

Growth Accelerator offers personalised support to individual businesses through a nationwide network of over 800 experts.

Leicestershire Chamber of Commerce & Industry represents the needs of some 1,500 businesses at local, regional and national levels. It offers a range of services which could significantly reduce operating costs, including energy, financial services and business travel.

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