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No matter what type of retail business you’re interested in buying, we will help you source the right business opportunity to match your interests, skills and knowledge.

Our unique database includes a wide range of retail businesses for sale throughout the UK. Anything from convenience stores, specialised shops like post offices, pharmacies or petrol stations, to shops that you can browse with just the click of a mouse.

Retail businesses and shops for sale

Now, start your new adventure and find the business you have always wanted. Just pick up the location and the price range for the type of retail business you want to run, and view our database of shops that are currently available to buy. Whether you are a first time shop owner or not, you’re sure to find the right business for you.

Advantages to buying an existing retail business

Many of the new retail business owners that buy an existing profitable business will continue to operate it successfully. This makes sense because the business already has a proven track records of profits and a healthy business approach. All you will have to do is to bring your energy, expertise and new ideas to take the business to even higher profitability.

Choosing to purchase a retail business that is already up and running has many advantages over starting one from scratch;

  • It costs much less.
  • Cash flow may be immediate because you will have established customers; no struggling through a long start-up period with your efforts focused on attracting your first customers.
  • It may be easier to obtain finance if the business has a good reputation and a useful network of contacts.
  • You know the market is viable because the shop has developed a strong ¬†base of established customers and a recognised name.
  • If there are employees, they may already be trained and productive, eliminating or reducing the need to hire new ones.

What type of location is best for your shop?

When searching for businesses for sale, keep in mind that different types of businesses attract customers in different ways. For retail businesses, location can mean the difference between success or failure. For example, a fashion store would no doubt benefit from being near other clothing shops, since many people prefer shopping for clothes in particular areas.

The process of buying an established business can be challenging because you will want to make sure you make the right choice. You will need to gather as much information as possible to value the business properly and conduct negotiations successfully.

If you you would like to see a guide on how to evaluate a retail business, visit our Business Appraisal  section.

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