Sell Multiple Businesses Now
1000s of Buyers
Reach 1000's of potential buyer by advertising on one of the internets leading business for sale platforms. Generate business inquires fast and efficiently.
Response Stats
In your account you analyse, manage and track your business listings, you can see comprehensive records, quickly generate tracking reposts, instantly find out how many buyers are watching your listings on an individual basis or as a whole group.
Listing Features
You can feature just one or all of your businesses for sale listings, feature listings at the top of categories, make them stand out from the crowd or enjoy the massive traffic return of the star features.
E-Mail Updates
Recieve e-mial alters instantly. Our alert system will notify you immediately when any buyer has responded to any of your business listings. An e-mail will be sent to your designated e-mail address and an alert notification message within your broker admin account.
Listing Tips
Read tips and advice for making sure your adverts get traffic, SEO tips, category placement titles and descriptions. Not only do we provide online guides for the best return of traffic for your listings, we also provide one-on-one support by phone and face-to-face. Which means you can rest assured that your listings will receive the maximum amount of traffic.
Guaranteed Confidentiality And Security
Guaranteed Confidentiality And Security content
Database Connect
We can sync with your database for smooth upload of your business listings. We can work with any type of database you might have enabling you to list all your businesses fast in one go. Our technical department will do all the work.
Bulk Upload
List 1-20,000 businesses at one time through our excel upload facility. If you have lots of businesses on your books you can simply upload all of them in one go using our unique Excel upload facility.
Sell Multiple Businesses Now
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Affordable Solutions
Set Your Budget
You can select from multiple account packages that match your advertising budget spend.

Premium Account
If you are looking at placing over a 150 listings you will receive your own individual account manager that can offer dedicated support. A personal payment plan that suits and full technical support 24/7.

Real Time Tracking
Tracking has never been easier, inside your account you can utilise advanced easy to use tracking tools that will allow you to generate stats for your whole account or on an individual business listing basis.

"Watch The Watchers"
Exclusive to Businesses For Sale is the ability to see who is watching your listings and how buyers have stored your business listings within the favorites.