City: Cheshire
Price: £300,000
Profit: Non-disclosed
Revenue: £3,005,000
Online: No  Startup:No
Finance: No  Home Based: No
Franchise: No  Freehold: No
 Established: Yes   Establishment: 2004
Employees: 8
Stock: No

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This company, based in Cheshire has invented and developed a totally unique and specialised drying system capable of achieving accelerated moisture reduction in sand and similar material stockpiles, reducing gravity drainage time from a period of days or weeks to a matter of hours.


The patent granted system is the creation of the current owner who first devised the concept several years ago but has only recently put the system to the marketplace due to other business interests preventing the vendor from doing so earlier. The system now has been available since 2004 and has already been installed in some very high profile sites throughout the world.


Through its subsequent research and development work on accelerateed vacuum-assisted drainage the company has positioned itself in the market as a trusted producer of a totally unique cost-effective moisture reduction pumping system which is available in the form of a complete design and installation service package that can be tailored to suit most material producers’ requirements.


Not only does the system provide end users with huge improvements in their own operational efficeincy, it also provides them with huge energy savings by further reducing kiln drying times for finished product at the same time resolving company’s environmental issues by treating drainage water prior to it being released back into the environment. All these benefits make this unique, yet simple system, a very viable propostion to clients with pay back periods of under two years.


The company now has the expertise, knowledge and apparatus to carry out free simulated “drawdown” pumping tests on most materials to provide clients with specific data that will ensure the most efficient and suitable pumping installation is provided.

Reason for sale

The owner is selling the business for health reasons and genuine retirement


The company currently undertakes some advertising in the main trade press magazine in its sector (Quarry Management Magazine) and also attends several exhibitions a year throughout Europe including the Quarrying Industries Exhibition. The company also has a website which could be further developed at minimal cost to increase company exposure and sales. It is understood that additional promotional work would lead to significant increases in sales revenues.

Growth potential

As the company is relatively young and its product a purely global solution the opportunities for growth and expansion are endless. The owner has not been able to fully develop the business to date due to health reasons. The markets for this product and variants of it are vast. With further resource in terms of advertising and marketing this business could significantly increase is revenues over a short time frame.


The current owners would be happy to provide full simple training and support at handover. The vendor is prepared to stay on for a further period as a consultant should a new owner so require and has outlined the type of involvement he is prepared to undertake in a “draft” restrictive covernant.