Recruitment Timescales

In order to maintain business continuity, companies need to adjust their staff numbers to match their changing workload. In many cases, staffing levels will follow a company’s budget cycle. For example, if a major new project is to be initiated, budget approval will be required in advance for the purchase of necessary equipment and services, together with forecasts of additional personnel costs.

Because of the volume of paperwork involved in the recruitment process, much of which results from the need to comply with anti-discrimination legislation, recruitment campaigns need to be planned carefully in advance, wherever possible.

Recruitment Advertising

Recruitment advertising materials need to be prepared and advertisements placed in good time, so that a suitable pool of job applicants will be available when the time comes for the company to interview and take on staff. Choosing the most appropriate advertising medium can have a major impact on the number and quality of applicants.

Traditionally, advertisements in local newspapers have been the preferred recruitment medium for many employers. However, companies now have other options that may either cost less or target specific groups of potential applicants more effectively.

An increasing number of companies are setting up a job vacancies page on their own website. The page can be rapidly and regularly updated at minimal cost and can even be configured to accept online job applications, with few additional costs involved.

The nearest Job Centre should always be considered when looking to fill positions that do not require specific qualifications or experience, because it gives access to a pool of local labour and its job matching services are free.

For recruitment of specialist staff, advertising in a relevant trade publication can be beneficial. In this area, the boundary between printed media and online advertising is becoming increasingly blurred, with dedicated recruitment websites proliferating and publications like Computer Weekly and Accountancy Age advertising job vacancies both online and in hard print.


 Balancing company workload and staff levels is important in order to maintain business continuity;

 Recruitment campaigns should be planned in advance, wherever possible;

 Employers have a wide choice of recruitment advertising media;

 Print and online recruitment advertising are increasingly overlapping.