Seller Resources

A company’s employees are arguably its most crucial resource. In order to ensure a successful relocation, a company must make efforts to keep its staff ‘on side’ throughout the whole process, from the initial planning stage to the completion of the move.

Ensuring that staff is informed about the company’s relocation plans is the first important step. If employees are not kept in the picture then the rumour mill will grind into action, with all kinds of gossip, speculation and half truths causing uncertainty and possible disruption to the business. If several possible relocation options are being considered, consulting staff about their preferences can be a useful exercise and could increase the number of staff who would be willing to relocate.

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Planning a Business Relocation

Careful planning is the key to relocating a business – successfully.

The decision to relocate a business should not be taken lightly. The decision makers should justify to themselves the reasons for moving. Three fundamental issues need to be addressed:

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