Business Relocation

Planning a Business Relocation

Careful planning is the key to relocating a business – successfully.

The decision to relocate a business should not be taken lightly. The decision makers should justify to themselves the reasons for moving. Three fundamental issues need to be addressed:

1. Why should the company relocate? Does the business need larger premises in which to expand? Does the business need to reduce costs by downsizing? Should the business move closer to its customers? Would the business find it easier to recruit and retain appropriately qualified staff in a new location?

2. To where should the company relocate? Should the business relocate within the UK or should it move overseas? Does the business need to move closer to the motorway network or to a major port or airport to improve its links with customers or suppliers?

3. When should the company relocate? How can business continuity be maintained? What time pressures are there on the company to move by a particular date (the end of a lease, for example)? Are business volumes growing so rapidly that extra space is urgently needed to continue the growth of the business?

Business Relocation Feasibility Study

A feasibility study should be carried out, either using internal resources or by a professional relocation consultant, to work out the possible options, their relative costs and implementation timescales.

All the features of the proposed new premises need to be considered.

Infrastructure Issues:

 rental costs;

 service charges;

 business rates;

 utility bills;

 telecommunications network;

 transport links.

Staffing Issues:

 staff relocation;

 availability of appropriate staff at the new location;

 recruitment costs;

 staff training;

 redundancies at the old location;

 maintaining business continuity before, during and after the move.

Whether the move is simply shifting the business from one floor to another in the same building or a complete relocation to another continent, time spent planning is unlikely to be wasted effort.


 When relocating a business, meticulous planning is essential;

 three major issues need to be addressed when considering relocation:

• why relocate?

• where to relocate?

• when to relocate?